Ways You Can Enjoy Better Taxi Fares

Taxi travel is very convenient and quick and the fact that now you can hail down a cab right from your smartphone takes the convenience to a much higher level. But even with all the convenience of using a taxi to get to where you want to be, you want to make sure that you get affordable and reasonable fares depending on the distance. If you are conscious about saving some money even as you enjoy taxi service, there are different ways you can make sure that you save some good amount every time you use a taxi.

This is not very hard to do especially now that there are very reliable taxi fare estimators 的士搭電. Using the estimates you can compare between service providers and the travel options they have so you choose what works for your financial abilities at that current time. With so much competition and taxi travel packages, you will most definitely find reasonable fares that work for you.

To encourage new users, taxi service providers offer discounts or coupons. Using such promo codes you can enjoy free rides or discounted rides to your preferred location. Regular subscribers can also enjoy similar discounts greatly saving money when using a taxi to their convenience. You can easily find such coupons and promo codes on the official websites of the service providers operating within your locality or from associated sources.

Surge pricing is very common, especially in areas and neighborhoods that have high demands. Peak hours seem to be most notorious for such price surges. To counter this, try to travel outside congested radiuses; boarding a taxi a block from your specific location or even a mile from the same can go a long way in saving you some money on the travel. Apart from stepping further from the pickup spot, you can do the same with the drop off point to enjoy the fare rates even during peak hours.

Some taxi service providers make it possible for you to share rides so you can split fare with the friends you share the ride with. If you are not scared one bit about sharing your taxi ride with people who might be complete strangers, the split fare feature now available in most providers can save you a great deal of money. If you go the same route with a number of friends then this is definitely a feature that can work well for you as far as fair taxi fares are concerned.

Modern taxis give you credit for every referral you get signed up with them. You can accumulate the credit for every person that joins the taxi network and eventually you can use the credit to enjoy free rides. In the end it is a win/win situation for you and the service provider; you save your fare money and the taxi company gains new potential customers.

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